Quintessential Concierge specialise in tailor made personal assistance for time starved business owners, large corporates and entrepreneurs providing virtual and on-site administration, event management, social media and website management and decluttering/organisation services, enabling them to outsource tasks and find time to do what they do best. We provide a flexible, efficient and cost-effective support service, without the additional expense of training, hiring a temp or the overheads of employing someone.
"“I had met Letitia and was impressed by her obvious organisational skills and calm and efficient manner. Dress for Success needed someone to Project Manage a big event. Someone who was willing to take direction but also able to use initiative and someone both willing and able to take responsibility for liaising with important clients and funders. Letitia took over the day-to-day tasks and running around when I was unable to. Letitia is a complete pro. Able to handle any task you throw at her with a ready smile and a calm and efficient manner. A major asset to have around when you are running or putting on any kind of event. Letitia comes up with solutions and keeps things running smoothly. Thank you, Letitia! K-M Adams, Executive Manager of Dress for Success, Hamilton"
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Administrative Solutions

Do you sometimes wish you had a PA? Someone to handle business arrangements, organise travel, catch up on administration, arrange meetings, prepare agendas, take minutes? These are just some examples of how Quintessential Concierge can help you manage your business.

Social Media and Website Management

Do you hardly have time to read your emails, let alone keep your online media up to date? The task of responding to fans/likes, uploading promotional content, monitoring messages and sending newsletter campaigns can easily be neglected or ignored due to time restrictions. Quintessential Concierge can manage this task for you enabling effective communication with your audience.

Event Management

Organising an event, whatever the size is a huge task. A task that can get overwhelming and stressful for most. If you'd rather be spending your time doing the things you are good at, instead of dealing with a list of tasks that comes with project managing an event, Quintessential Concierge can give you back the time and put in the hard yards on your behalf.


Do you say to yourself sometimes 'I just don't know where to start' when it comes to tiding your office? We can assist and advise on the re-organisation of your office. We can down size, donate, sell and organise. Together we can organise your office according to your needs. We will create an organised and functional office, making suggestions throughout the process, but the ultimate decision is yours as to what you keep and what you discard. If you want to sell or donate items, we also offer a service to list these on TradeMe or drop items to charity stores.
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