“Having met Letitia I felt very confident that her professional, friendly and open manner would make it not only easy but a pleasure to have her help me sort out a project I was a little stuck on. Letitia was a huge help. Her patience and calm coaching enabled me to grasp concepts and put in to practice new skills and allowed me the get on with a job I had been procrastinating about. I would highly recommend Letitia’s services. I found Letitia to be highly organised, punctual, a very effective communicator and extremely easy to work alongside of. It’s a shame you can’t be cloned Letitia. Every family/business could use a Letitia!”

Ann Sutton

“Very good service all round. Can’t fault Letitia on any part of the minute taking service she provides.  You are very professional and well respected in our cycle of brigades. Thanks for your time and hope to see you in Paihia in 2017″.

Craig Meads, Auckland Provincial Fire Brigade Association

“‘Efficiency at its highest level’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Letitia and the Quintessential Concierge team. We engaged the QC team in the early development stages of our business for general administrative support and we are beyond thrilled at the positive results our continuous working relationship has had. The QC team has continued to exceed our expectations with the development and implementation of administrative systems and tools , recruitment, competitive costing and market research. These are just a few of the tasks that the QC team was set and delivered on, absolutely exceeding our expectations. I was especially impressed with the QC team’s versatility, adaptability and authenticity when it came to executing tasks with the genuine desire to better their customers businesses. As any business looking for the support the QC team can provide, they have my highest recommendation.”

Alexandra Leeson, Marketing Manager, BODCO Ltd

“This process exceeded my expectations both in the fantastic service provided and the quality of resulting cv and cover letter. You were unique in that you provided a service which could be adapted to cater to limitations or needs unique to me, making the process even easier. You added value to the service in your ability to adapt my references into a great cover letter which I look forward to using over and over again. I would most definitely recommend you to others as I have already secured an interview after applying for my first job using the new cv and cover letter you made. I will absolutely be a returning customer.”

Astrid Richardson

“Letitia is really responsive…any time I ask her anything she replies quickly and knowledgeably. She is thorough and is able to give an honest opinion about which option she thinks will be best for us and any work she has done for us has been completed quickly and to a high standard.”

Nicola Inglis MNZIPP, Nicola Inglis Photography

“Letitia provides essential support to my speaking practice with the services she offers from Quintessential Concierge. Whilst the administrative and support services are important to me, it is Letitia’s tenacity and resilience with the business building process that I admire most. She remains professional,focused and unflappable when things don’t go according to expectation or plan, which is an unusual and valuable trait in my industry. I would highly recommend Letitia for her honesty, determination and commitment to achieving your business goals alongside you.”

Sandy Geyer, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

“I had met Letitia and was impressed by her obvious organisational skills and calm and efficient manner. Dress for Success needed someone to Project Manage a big event. Someone who was willing to take direction but also able to use initiative and someone both willing and able to take responsibility for liaising with important clients and funders. Letitia took over the day-to-day tasks and running around when I was unable to. Letitia is a complete pro. Able to handle any task you throw at her with a ready smile and a calm and efficient manner. A major asset to have around when you are running or putting on any kind of event. Letitia comes up with solutions and keeps things running smoothly. Thank you, Letitia!”

K-M Adams, Executive Manager of Dress for Success, Hamilton

“I knew of Letitia’s skills from when she was with Deloitte and the contact I had with her as a client of Deloitte.  She transformed our Board meetings from informal meetings without clear agendas nor detailed Board minutes to properly run Board meetings with agendas, minutes, focus and accountability.  Letitia is very professional in her role as Secretary at Board meetings, while at the same time being considerate, quiet and gently suggesting improvements in a way that enhances and improves the meetings without anyone feeling uneasy.  Letitia is also very discreet and understands the importance of confidentiality and discretion in her role.  She never discussed other clients and I am confident Letitia treats everything discussed at our Board meetings with utmost discretion and confidentiality.  Letitia, you are wonderful!”

Fiona Schroeder, Authorised Financial Advisor, SHARE

“I engaged Letitia for her professionalism.  Her services saved me time (and frustration) doing work she can do a lot quicker than I ever could!  I would absolutely recommend her as she is professional, has high standards and is a delight to deal with”.

Eleanor Blakey, Marketing Consultant, Signpost Consulting Ltd

“Engaging Quintessential Concierge was a huge timesaver. Letitia helped me tick things off my list that otherwise would’ve sat there. A great, professional, streamlined and easy service to use. I’m still dreaming up ways of how I can use them in 2014”.

Marnie McDermott, Founder of MarnieMcDermott.com

“When I met Letitia, I liked her and her energy was a good fit for me. The fact that she could pick up some of the ‘bitty’ admin stuff that saps my energy was great. She is reliable, prompt, delivers what she promises and is available at relatively short notice. A big cheer to Letitia. I would recommend her totally as a reliable person to pick up the ‘small jobs’ that bog down busy business owners. It was fabulous to hand jobs over to Letitia, knowing they would be done well and promptly and it left me free to get on with other more important things.”

Jasmine Sampson, Peak Performance Coach at www.JasmineSampson.com

“The number one reason I engaged Quintessential Concierge’s service was that they are extremely efficient. With their great organisational skills they’ve helped me sort my work a lot quicker. I would absolutely recommend them as they’re very helpful when you have no time to do things yourself and also great at giving you new ideas on how to go about getting things done.”

P. Austin

“It seemed to me from early on that Letitia was well researched and knew what she was talking about.  That as a buyer gave me confidence in my decision to use her services.  I engage Quintessential Concierge to look after our social media needs, freeing me up to concentrate on other areas of the business.  Letitia is always very efficient, which I appreciate”.

Gus Tissink, General Manager of Bidfresh Hamilton

“I engaged Quintessential Concierge because I was in need of some additional assistance. The Contractor option was excellent as I am not sure of ongoing requirements. There was a clear demonstration of competency, initiative and a sense of urgency displayed by Letitia. Quintessential Concierge helped us with some projects/tasks that had been waiting in the “too hard” basket for way too long! We would most definitely recommend Letitia to others. She is a delight to work with, efficient, accurate and the consummate professional.”

Tania Witheford, Managing Director at Staah

“When I met Letitia for the first time it was clear she was professional, competent, capable, trustworthy and efficient. When you’re handing over money or a chequebook or a credit card number, or entrusting personal services to a total stranger, they need to make a fantastic impression from the get go. Letitia did that. She gained my trust in an instant (and she has not let me down). With my crazy, hectic schedule I needed more time but this wasn’t to be as the world continues to give us just 24 hours a day. Letitia was a Godsend – there were so many essential things I needed to do outside of work but I just couldn’t find the time to get round to them, no matter how hard I looked. She effortlessly slipped into the role of making my life easier. I couldn’t find the time, so Letitia found it for me. Quintessential Concierge helps you to achieve more in your day — for me, that’s huge.”

Maria, Director at Scriptique PR & Communications

“I hired Quintessential Concierge because of the fact I could get access to a high level of service on an as required basis. Their services helped us by getting my team working on various projects and training my PA. We would recommend Quintessential Concierge to others because I know they would do a good job.”

Craig Sanders, Director at Kelly & Bryant Chartered Accountants

“I was referred to Quintessential Concierge by a friend and they helped me by giving me an affordable solution to my problem. We would definitely recommend them to others.”

Janice Wotton

“We engaged Quintessential Concierge for internal training for administration staff. A great Minute Taking training programme was provided where there is clearly a gap in the market. We would definitely recommend Quintessential Concierge as they were professional, thorough and well experienced.”

Tracey Carter, PA to GM Service Delivery at Midland Health Unit

“On behalf of hubby and myself we just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything that you did to make the ‘MANCAVE’ happen…. well done you. It is absolutely delicious!!”

Nikki Otto, Director of Otto Inc Hairdressing

“We engaged Quintessential Concierge because of their skills and experience and the on call nature of their services. We also find value in being able to call and get their input on projects when required. We would recommend Quintessential Concierge without hesitation and believe they are providing an excellent service and look forward to working with Letitia more in the future.”

Scott Massey, Director of Omega Capital Corporation Ltd.

“Positive, friendly, can-do attitude. Being genuinely interested in our business and contributing to its success through continued professionalism.”

Kara Walsh, Growfarm

“We have dealt with Letitia for several years. She was instrumental in setting up our website and now keeps it updated each month with our monthly special. She always gives us a reminder a few days before so that it can be organised by the beginning of the month. We are now needing to do some alterations to part of it and feel that it will be thoroughly organised by Letitia. She is always very professional and we would no hesitation recommending her services to anyone.”

Trudi Morris, Rosetown Print (Te Awamutu) Ltd

“Shelley and I would like to say a huge thank you. You have been such a pleasure to work with and you pulled together a very successful event at the Te Awamutu Wedding Expo. Everybody that attended seemed very impressed by the whole thing. Thank you again.”

Shelley and Olivia, Owners – The Little Red Shed

“Thank you for providing minute taking services to the Board of Directors here over the past 14 months. During this time of business change, having an independent minute taker was valuable to the way the Board worked together. The Directors would like you to know that your assistance was much appreciated. Thank you for being proactive, and for prompting us when needed to ensure things stayed on track and proper processes were followed. We found Quintessential Concierge to be very professional, informing us well in advance of who would be delivering the services and acting with discretion as appropriate to our business. We recommend you to other businesses and wish you well in future.”

Wayne Lim, Business Manager, Te Awamutu Medical Centre

“I have always found Letitia a very efficient and approachable person so asking her to assist me in the process of a new website for my new business branding was easy to do. I trusted Letitia to create a website that matched my personality, the services and feel I wanted to convey. I felt she listened to me well and understood the kind of appeal I was after. Something modern looking, fresh, new colour and easy to follow. My business has a lot of different aspects of services and products so there is actually a lot that must be arranged and I feel so happy with the finished work. There have been some on-going improvements as we go along the way and some changes to reflect various situations and Letitia has easily incorporated those updates and changes effortlessly in her work. I feel proud and professional when I look at my website knowing that I’ve shared from my heart the passion of my work to the viewer. Thank you Letitia”.

Colleen Ryan, Priority Wellness – Creating Energy for Life, Cambridge

“Quintessential Concierge was recommended to us to design and built our website. We found them to be very friendly and approachable and the cost was in our price range. We think they provide great service and now we have a new website that has and is receiving good comments.”

Kylee and Craig Williams, Owners, Grey St Motors

“We had limited skilled experience available within our organisation to project manage our ‘Cocktails by Candlelight’ event and Quintessential Concierge provided the resources we needed. I would most definitely recommend them as I’m confident that whatever needs to happen will happen. Highly recommended!”

Sharon Davies, President, Dress for Success – Hamilton

“We have worked with Letitia in the past, she is lovely to work with, reliable and makes sure the customer is happy. Our new website that Letitia developed is much more customer friendly. We would recommend Letitia as she makes sure you get what you want and is very easy to work with. She also explains everything that you don’t understand. A big thank you for all your help. We love our new website.”

Simone Morris, Redgate Newsletters

“I hired Letitia because of her skills and I didn’t have time to learn what was required myself. Letitia set up our MailChimp campaign and facilitated delivery of it. She was responsive, skilled and professional. Thank you!”

Nicola Inglis, Nicola Inglis Photography

“We needed someone professional to look after our reception area while we had some team meetings and functions.  Quintessential Concierge’s service gave us the ability to hold a team meeting and a team-building day with everyone from our team knowing that our business was left in capable hands and our clients were still being looked after.  We would recommend their services because we were pleased with what Letitia did.  Thank you Letitia, you handled everything very professionally for us.  It was nice to leave a friendly, helpful person in our office to cover for us while we helped out in the community and spent time with our team”.

Sue Gyde, Receptionist, Gyde Wansbone Chartered Accountants Ltd

“Quintessential Concierge was recommended to us to take Board minutes and streamline Board reporting procedures. We would absolutely recommend them for 10 out of 10 for reliability, accuracy, professionalism and that they’re lovely to deal with. We are so happy with their services and hope to continue to work together for the foreseeable future”.

Sarah Nathan, CEO of Creative Waikato

“We had problems with our previous website provider and Letitia was recommended to us. After talking with her we were sure that she was what we needed and the costs were very good. Quintessential Concierge’s services were exactly what we wanted. Letitia listened to us and provided advice, plus the end result. Letitia was also happy to change things as required. We would recommend Quintessential Concierge and have already done so as your services, advice, help and personality are really good. The services are excellent and costs inexpensive.”

Peter and Eunice Martin from Earth and Clay House and Garden

“I knew Letitia personally and had full faith in her abilities as a professional. Her services help me to take care of those things that need doing, as we don’t have the know how i.e. newsletters, Facebook and customer communications. I would recommend Letitia as everybody needs a helping hand to get those things done that you don’t have the time or the know how for. Letitia is helpful, caring, efficient, professional and refreshing.”

Mel Engelbrecht, General Manager of Body and Motion Gym

“I know Letitia from Quintessential Concierge through In-2-Connect-People Meeting People networking group in Te Awamutu and that is where I learnt about her services.  My son’s CV required an overhaul and he also required a good covering letter – something I wanted to be done property and professionally!  I would recommend Letitia; in fact, I have already done so to a friend of mine that also needs a well written CV.  Letitia is very professional and efficient in what she does and the fee was exactly as expected and good value for goods received.”

Monika Neuhauser, Monika Neuhauser Millinery

“I won a draw that Quintessential Concierge ran and the prize was one hour free on their time.  Letitia assisted me to get a job done that I just hadn’t had the energy for, and also to complete it in a timely manner.  I would recommend Letitia because I feel very comfortable with her and her level of professionalism and ability, coupled with a delightful, caring and gentle nature.  I wish her every success with her business.”

B. Richards, Manager of Pellow Funeral Directors & Advisors

“We hired Quintessential Concierge to set up our Fieldays exhibition site. They organised it so well we didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

Craig Sanders, Partner at Crowe Horwath

“Huge thanks to Letitia from Quintessential Concierge for stepping up to the plate again and helping with some ‘administrative housekeeping’ on a large written project I’ve been working on. Letitia, you’re awesome!.”

Maria, Director at Scriptique PR & Communications

“I was referred to Quintessential Concierge by long-terms friends and neighbours.  Quintessential Concierge provided me with absolute professional services on the task as set out in our request.  It was on time and on budget, helping us to secure business.  I would indeed recommend them to a friend or colleague and anyone in my business relations that has a need for their services.  A great job that was straight forward.  Top class, excellent communication and very recommendable.  Thank you Letitia”.

W. Weinzettl

“When my Personal Assistant has her days off, my inbox develops severe clutter very quickly.  So I engaged Letitia from Quintessential Concierge to spend half an hour a day with me to go through my emails.  Every time we have done this I have been able to keep my inbox down to less than five emails that require any action, which when you get as many legitimate emails as I do it is a great effort.  My PA commented on her return how great it was to have not so many emails to deal with.  I would recommend this email service to anyone that has a busy inbox”.

Craig Sanders, Director of Kelly and Bryant Chartered Accountants

“I know that if I give a job to Letitia, it will get done. I engaged Quintessential Concierge because I had been working on several projects and I just didn’t have the mental resources to expend on the task. We would certainly and have already recommended your services to others. You get things done by the deadline, you follow up and you make sure you get things done. I am extremely appreciative of the work you did, Letitia. Without you coming on board I don’t know if that newsletter would have gone out on time. And this month has been a super month from a business point of view. So thank you.”

Kavita Parshotam, Narrows Retreat